Where are restrooms?
Park restrooms will be open and portolets available in transition.

Where do we park?
Parking is available at Waco Convention Center and area lots off Washington Ave.

What time should I arrive?All athletes must be checked in, totally set up and out of transition close time at 6:00am. We strongly advise arriving early to avoid any delays in body marking or bike check. Transition opens at 4:45a. Those arriving after transition closes at 6:00am will not be allowed to race.
Where is body marking?
Body marking will be in front of transition. You must be body marked to enter transition. Did you know self-marking is allowed? Here is the how-to!

Bib number goes on left upper arm and left thigh. Make sure number is visible from the side. Race age goes on right calf.

Will there be someone to help if I have a bike problem?
Yes, Bicycle World will have mechanics inside transition on race morning.
What sports drinks and gels are available on the course?
Water & Nuun will be available on the course. We will have plenty of water, drinks and great food at the finish line.
Do I have to wear my run number while on the bike portion?
No, you are only required to wear it on the run course. Unaltered run numbers must be worn on the front of your body during the entire run course
What is USAT and why do I need a one-day permit?
USAT is the national governing body for triathlons and duathlons in the United States. A one-day license allows a novice athlete to compete in a USA Triathlon-sanctioned race without purchasing a full $50 membership. The $15 one day fee provides the athlete with excess accident insurance for that race only. These can be purchased with online registration.
How do I join USAT?
USAT applications will be available during online registration and at packet pick up. If a membership was purchased during online registration, we will have notice of that for packet pickup. If you already have an annual membership, be sure to have your card with you.
What happens if I don’t have my USAT card at packet pick up?
You will need to look it up online or get a one day pass.
Where do I wear the chip?
Attach the strap to your left ankle. This allows it to stay away from the bike chains!
Where and when do I pick up my timing chip?
Your timing chip will be picked up with your racer packet.
Do I need to wear the chip for the entire race?
Yes, timing mats will be set up to record splits for each leg and transitions. If you do not have the chip on when you cross the finish line you are not guaranteed a finish time.


  • There is no organized warm up swim in the lake race morning – no kayak or safety personnel will be on water until races start. Anyone choosing to get into water before race start does so at their own risk.
  • Timing Chips must be worn during the entire race. Make sure chip is securely fastened.
  • Sprint and Olympic: Swim will be a rolling start. Athletes will line up by estimated swim time in respective ‘corrals’ Olympic racers will start first. Olympic will have 1hr to complete swim. Sprint will have 30 min to complete swim.
  • Sprint and Olympic racers must wear provided swim cap. Olympic racers: Green caps  – Sprint racers: Pink caps
  • Lifeguards will be on duty through the entire swim. If you or a swimmer near you is in distress, raise your arms to alert the nearest lifeguard
  • All athletes are required to be at 6:15a Pre Race Meeting at swim start. Athletes are responsible for being entirely set up, checked in and out of transition close time of 6:00a.
  • Thank a volunteer!


  • Refer to USAT rules/guidelines for complete Bike Rules, USAT Race Officials will be on course. www.usatriathlon.org
  • Bike course closes at 10:00 am; interim cutoff 9:00a @ 2nd loop start
  • Helmets are required. Only helmets approved by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) may be used in USAT sanctioned events. USAT race officials will be on course and transition; they will not allow participants to race without the proper helmet.
  • Each competitor is responsible for making sure that his/her bicycle meets all safety requirements. We encourage you to have your bike checked at a local bike store before the race. Bicycle World will have mechanics in transition area on race day.
  • You may not ride bike in transition area. When exiting and entering transition with your bike, observe mount & dismount lines.
  • While bike course lanes will have cones to separate bikers from traffic, bike course is open to public traffic. Most intersections will be controlled by Waco police Officers.  Use extreme caution. It is your responsibility to keep aware of moving vehicles & stationary obstacles along course. Right of way must be given to any emergency vehicle.
  • You will be given a bike number in your race packet. The bike number goes on your bike frame and must be visible from a lateral view.
  • Bike numbers must be placed in respective places and worn through entire bike course
  • There are no aid stations on bike course so please plan hydration needs accordingly.


  •  Unaltered run numbers must be worn at all times on the front of body while on the run course
  • A water station will be placed at run out and additional water stations will be set approximately every mile. Water stations will provide water & Nuun.
  • Your race chip is disposable if you are a triathlon or aquabike. Relay teams: your chips are NOT disposable. Please return at finish line.
  • Cold towels will be provided at aid stations, we encourage you to take one when possible
  • Be sure to thank a volunteer!


  • All athletes are responsible for being checked in with gear set up by trasnition closing time of 6am. Arriving after 6am could result in not being allowed to participate.
  • No one except registered participants, volunteers, medical or race personnel will be allowed inside transition area. Family or friends are not allowed inside transition areas at any time during the race.
  • Body marking will be outside of transition area. You must be body marked to enter transition. Did you know self-marking is allowed?  Here is the how-to!

Bib number goes on left upper arm and left thigh. Make sure number is visible from the side. Race age goes on right calf – race age marking is optional. Please use the pictures for reference.

  • We make every attempt to keep transition area secure; we are not responsible for any lost or stolen items.
  • No glass containers allowed in transition.
  • Please put trash in receptacles.
  • Bike numbers will be checked to body numbers when leaving transition.


This is the best local race I've done in Central Texas. This includes every event of the Texas Tri Series and the Austin 70.3. The bike course is fast and flat, while the run course is very challenging. The finish line on the historic bridge is fantastic.

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